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Service and Repair

We Like Bikes, We Ride Bikes, We Work on Bikes

Nothing quite matches the experience of riding a bicycle. The freedom of the open road, the fresh air, the individual peace offered by exploring the woods on two wheels is one of a kind. And this part of Missouri is one of the best places to ride, there are few places in the Midwest that are as perfect for riding as Springfield, Missouri and the Ozarks.

Bicycles are not unlike cars and to keep them performing their best they require some regular maintenance. When our customers bring their bikes to us they receive a personal experience of belonging. We keep a close relationship with many of our customers by talking to them, getting to know them and learning what kind of riding experience they are looking for. That personal touch is why Cycles Unlimited is the best place in Springfield tokeep your bike tuned right.

Ultimate Experience

Bicycles are art, but bicycle mechanics are not. Eliminate the guesswork, eliminate the reliance on subjective “feel,” eliminate the reliance on memorization. This is the unique Cycles Unlimited philosophy.

Everything you’ll ever need to take care of your bike can be completed by our experienced service mechanics. Keeping your bike in perfect shape has never been so easy.

Regardless of what you ride it is our mission to keep your bike shifting like a dream and get you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

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